Hello this is Feras Iskanderani. I am 24 years old and I live in Boston MA. I grew up in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Now I am studying computer science at Northeastern university and I will hopefully graduate this May/2012. My main interest is game programing, which is the main reason why I studied computer science. However I have a broad knowledge of many other aspects of computer science. I am a Java, Python, c#, AS3, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, DirectX, OpenGL, Racket and Processing professional. I am also a graphic designer and my tools consists of Photoshop, AfterEffect and Blender. I also have a fair knowledge of C++, MIPS Assembly language, ruby on rails and ruby.
Conway's Inferno is a game I (Programming and Graphics) built with Alec Thomson (Programming) and Arshan Gailus (Audio). We created this game during the Global Game Jam at GAMBIT-MIT. It took us 3 days to finish Conway's Inferno.
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Imagine Conway's Game of Life, but replace the evolution with fire, zombies and UFOs. Congratulations, you've got Conway's Inferno - a puzzling take on the old zero-player game created at GAMBIT-MIT for the Global Game Jam.
On each level, there are people represented by yellow faces. You need to kill every single one using only a limited number of fires, zombies and UFOs - the fires will spread through people and trees, zombies will spread through the rivers and infect anyone nearby, and UFOs will drag people up the screen.
It's pretty clever stuff and a nice take on the Game of Life. Give it a play at Newgrounds.
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About Skull Hunt
Skull hunt is a 2 players game played with the PS3 controllers. The objective of the game is to kill more zombies and pick up the zombie's skull. after picking the skull up the player should return to the grave to gain score. every 10 skulls the place of the grave will change to encourge the player to move around. the game ends after 200sec. there is another twist, the environment is distractible.
About The story of '3ool
I made this game as a final project for my Game AI class. I used FSA to give AI to the skeletons. I also used A* pathfinding algorithem and I created a very simple scripting languge to create the scenes in the game.